Sunday School at Tria Cafe

Tria Cafe Washington Square West

1137 Spruce St.

Not your Mama’s Sunday School!

Justin and Tara; Justin teaches yoga in India part of each year, and Tara is a WSet Level 3 Certified Sommelier

Melody, my Sunday School buddy

Picture thyself here this Sunday!

The offerings change each Sunday


I am not a religious person, but I always go to Sunday School!

Every Sunday three out of the four Tria Wine bars in Center City offer a special menu showcasing a delightful and unique Wine, Beer and Cheese at very discounted prices.  Fun, informative descriptions  provide the story behind your indulgences, and guests may purchase one of each at said discount.  For Tria devotees like myself, Sunday School is a given, a great way to wind down the weekend with the friendly staff and other regulars, such as my wine buddy Melody; I’ve met many people who have moved to other neighborhoods but still trek back to Washington Square West for Sunday School!

Weather permitting, the floor to ceiling glass wall along 12th street slides open, providing a refreshing breeze and the feeling of being outdoors, whether you have one of the coveted outside tables or not.  I love the sleek, clean feel of the Cafe, but mostly I adore talking wine with other guests and the knowledgeable and friendly staff who are always happy to provide a taste of this or that.  Many are as committed to learning about wine as I am, and are making their way through WSet or Court of Masters certifications; you can say it’s a congregation of wine and beer geeks!   The menu is always eclectic, with the beer and cheese choices just as tempting as the yummy wines.

We all have rituals which feed the soul.

Find your center at Tria’s Sunday School!


Rushawa and Andrew; let us pray!

Andrew Crowley is the General Manager at Tria Washington Square West and will be opening the new Tria Wine Garden and Event Center on 18th St. btw. Market and Chestnut, Summer 2017!

Vin de France; a delightful young Sav Blanc


The other locations hosting Sunday School from open to close each Sunday are:

Tria Fitler Square  2227 Pine St

Tria Cafe Rittenhouse  123 S. 18th St