Vintage Importers and Barsotti Wines Industry Tastings


I love it when invites like this pop up, and this month I received two of them; Vintage Importers held a 150 bottle tasting at World Live Cafe, which I attended via an invite from the Tria Group.  In the second group of photos, I attended the Barsotti Wines tasting at Jacks Coopers in Manyunk.

Industry tastings offer a multitude of opportunities as distributors and importers offer tasting events to showcase their current collections to restaurant buyers, and others who buy wine for public sale.


Besides tasting a multitude of wines in one sitting, I get a chance to meet other wine professionals and grow my network, as the wine biz, like most others, is all about relationships.

  Susan, pouring, is a WSet 4th Level Diploma student, as am I.



Often times the people pouring are from wine countries around the world; someone who represents the vineyard, or an ambassador for the brand, like David, who represents a brand in Spain.  They know the terrior, the region, and can share the history and culture which produced the delicious final product I am enjoying.

Amy Cava is the Eastern PA sales manager for Barsotti Wines.  Ben Franco is a Certified Somm who owns ‘Winedown Cafe and Wine Bar‘ in West Reading, PA.


It’s also an opportunity to keep up with trends, such as these canned wines, which are hugely popular with millennials…think easy transport in backpacks.



Jack Coopers, a well-known wine bar/restaurant on Main St. in Manyunk was the location for the Barsotti Wines tasting. 


Vertical tastings are when you taste several bottles from the same region, vineyard, or grape. It’s about finding the nuances in the different wines delivered through the grape growing and wine making practices.  My palate becomes fine-tuned as I roll through 20, 30, even 70 wines in an afternoon, swirling, sniffing, tasting, spitting and tossing—the last two being very difficult when it’s a great wine, but, I learned the hard way, most necessary, as even an ounce each of that many wines will land you on your ass if you aren’t careful!




I had always heard that Somms’ favorite wine is a good crisp Riesling, as it relieves ‘palate fatigue’, and now I understand why.   After exposing your palate to so many wines in a row, you just want to sit down with a good, cold glass of a high acid wine and some simple food.  Ah, the wine life.  Can’t say I don’t love it!  As I walked back to Center City over the Walnut Street bridge on a warm Sept evening I reflected on how happy I am to be living in Philly and pursuing the wine path!